Who am I?

Hi! I'm Marina!

Thank you for taking the time to browse through this site!

As you already know, I am currently working on my master thesis. At the moment, in my day job, I am a Java software developer. And in the little spare time I have, I... (well, never mind, that's not really relevant here! Who ever is interested in details can always ask... ;-)) ;-).

Originally, I studied law, but after having practiced law for a year, decided that law was not my cup of tea - and so changed professions to scrum master and software developer.

I've been a scrum master since 2007, and a trained mediator since 2004 - so "soft" subjects concerning trust, teams, communication have been in my life for some time now.

As a trained mediator I am fascinated by the impact communication has on teams. 

I love interacting and connecting with people. I love moderating and staying sensitive to the vibes in a group, attempting to capture the vibes that come up in the best possible way and being creative in asking questions and giving impulses to help teams improve