Getting started!

OK, I read in one of my books about research project that nowadays students are recommended to keep a research diary. Am not quite sure what this is meant to encompass and accomplish - but I might as well start somewhere. I guess what I won't be writing about (at least not publically), is current findings so as not to influence the further findings.

Whew... so now I have finally managed to get this website is up and running. So my research is actually beginning... or I guess it has already begun - but it can be seen!

I have held my first focus group and am reading, and reading and reading while trying to pinpoint how best to pinpoint what makes retrospectives good, how to identify what exactly to measure and what correlations to try to inspect (there are so many interesting possibilities), finding out what kind of qualitative research I am going to be doing, revisiting statistical mathematics (e.g. Bayes), finding out how best to design a survey...

Sooo.. much needs to be done! On so many levels. I haven't been e-mailing my tutor regularly... But I did not want to turn up (after months) with nothing acutally done...

Now, everything is starting to get momentum and I am glad of that! I am really excited about the research. Up till now I have mainly felt overwhelmed and a little stressed by the vast amount of possible directions this research might go. And I tended to get a little bit frustrated at the prospect of having to narrow down the very broad area I am fishing in in order to actually find results. 

But now I am excited and curious - where this research is going to lead me! And I am actually starting to believe I might get it done on time!