Moderators and Participants - I would really appreciate Hearing from you!

Do you moderate retrospectives a lot? Have you gathered experiences and best/worst practices over time? Would you like those experiences to flow into the research about what makes retrospectives great?

In these expert interviews, I want to spend time with seasoned retrospective moderators. I want to hear your story, hear what touches your heart about retrospectives, hear what your experiences are - the good, the bad and the unconventional. It would be a real priveledge if you would be willing to offer me a bit of your time to tell me your Story.

Are you a regular participant in retrospectives and have one or more stories / experiences / opinions you would like to share and enter into part of the research. I would really appreciate your taking the time to share!


Everything you share with me will be anonymised immediately. After the interview I will "code" the notes I make a number. 

Time Frame

15 minutes


English or German, whatever is preferable.

When and Where

I will be researching from April 2015 until the end of October 2015. As far as the organisational details are concerned - meeting in person is possible if we are similarly collocated ;-). But apart from that telephone or skype should work fine.

Contact me

Contact Me to discuss the details.