Invite me to Moderate a Focus Group


In the session we will employ different brainstorming methods to inspect, reflect and discover - depending on group size and time frame.

At the beginning we will collect overall statistical data on the participants (number, role, etc.) and do a quick dot survey to identify answers to different questions – such as “do you appreciate games in retrospectives?”

Then we will divide into groups of 4-6 people. There will then be 3 different brainstorming “subjects” or “games” ( or even retrospective techniques) that will take 20 minutes each. The different groups will work on “different” subjects and activities.

For example:

  • retrospectives from hell (reverse brainstorming and evaluation) Key dangers? Key ingredients for good retrospective?
  • Build your own retrospective moderator. What one thing would you like to tell moderator?
  • War stories: Stories from retrospectives: good and bad. What frustrates you about retrospectives? What makes you not participate? When were you inspired by retrospectives?
  • What problems can a retrospective solve? Which cannot be solved? Which goals can retrospectives actually fulfil? What level of trust needs to be there? Is there any point in looking for improvements when everything is working well? Which most common areas of improvement

I will be applying to attend different conferences throughout the year to organise a focus group/ workshops - but would be thrilled to be invited to relevant user groups etc.

Time Frame

This offer is valid from April 2015 until the end of August 2015.


English or German. Whatever is preferable

Time to be invested

0,75 - 2 hours per team retrospective


Since this is for the purpose of research, I will not cost your company anything. Obviously I would appreciate being able to interview different teams, especially if I am travelling to a different city.


    • You will receive a summary of the specific issues that arose in the session (of course, for my research, the findings will be anonymised directly after the retrospective!).
    • Gain insight and greater understanding of what makes retrospectives "tick"
    • Have a chance to talk about your own experiences and hear wheter the others have similar experiences
    • take away some ideas, strategies, arguments, moderating games
    • Have fun
    • networking with other parts of the team
    • hopefully inspirational


Generally, I am limiting this offer to the scope of Germany/Austria and Switzerland (Southern Germany is easiest for me). But, as I do get to travel around from time to time, exceptions (other countries, such as Belgium, Great Britain etc.) will be possible on occasion, especially when I am in the area ;-).

Contact me

Contact Me to arrange possible dates.